Why Use Double Helix Water?

Why Did We Decide To Use Double Helix® Water as a Base for Tree Essences?

Current research suggests that the stable water cluster in Double Helix Water® somehow enables the expression of certain genes. It may help the DNA perform the job it's intended to do. Double Helix Water is likely the most natural product ever found. It enhances and supports life and it tastes just like water.

The question would be "How has this remarkable natural mechanism or device, or technology, or whatever we want to call it (we are talking about DNA), kept this race of humans and all living creatures alive for these countless millennia?

The answer again is quite simple. It kept a running record of all its successes -- how it fixed and replicated itself. DNA has been inside every living creature on Earth for three and a half billion years, and it has been learning that entire time, so this is the reason we decided to use the stable clustered water instead of alcohol.