Tree Essence           $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• Feel powerless to change​

• Feel it is time to change emotions or belief

• Feel powerless to thing happening to you

• Feel resistance to change

• Feel fear of unknown

• Feel unconscious happenings you cannot control

• Feel out of your comfort zone

• May not feel you can do it

• You want others to change, not you

• Feel change would is more than you can handle

• Feel if change happens life could end



This line of essences may be helpful for those spiritual experiences which seem challenging to process.



Tree Essence           $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• May not know your passion

• May feel blocked

• May feel as though you cannot think clear

• May have blocked your creative abilities

• May feel as though you are a failure

• Feel things, people, or events stand in your way

• Feel as though you cannot see big picture

• Feel you need to let go of things

• Feel limited on decisions & beliefs

• Feel what you say you become

• Feel you have great obstacles


Tree Essence           $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• Who am I​

• Why am I on this earth

• Why do I even exist

• Feel lonely in a crowd

• Parts of yourself are lost or dead

• Feel like you are slowly dying

• Feel like part of yourself is gone

• Feel like part of you left when a loved one died

• Part of you left after surgery, illness, or trauma

• Feel empty inside

• Feel like crying for no apparent reason

• Look for answers but never find them


Tree Essence           $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• You don't feel like yourself

• Feel as if you have an attachment

• Think about deceased love ones

• Depressed for no apparent reason

• Smell and feel things others do not

• Cannot stop feelings of attraction

• Unexplained illness

• Tired and achy for no reason

• You attract negative people to you

• You feel negative and are usually not

• You do not feel well when travelling


Tree Essence           $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• Don't trust what you feel

• Desire to be more connected to the Spirit World

• May feel you are not in touch with yourself

• May not be claiming your knowing

• May not be clear what your knowing is

• May not be listening to inner voice

• Things are happening and you don't understand why

• May not feel good about decisions you are making

• May feel as though you don't know yourself

• You have a mission but don't know what it is

• You want to be more connected to plants, trees, and the universe


Tree Essence           $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• Looking for someone to share burdens

• No one on earth understands you

• No one cares about you

• No one understands what is happening

• You are calling out for help to guide you

• You feel your soul cannot go on alone

• Higher parts of your self are gone

• Parts of yourself are not connected

• You life has no meaning

• Want instincts and courage back

• Need help finding aspect of self that are lost

• You want help from the Spirit world


Tree Essence           $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• The world has not given you what you deserve

• Feel as though you have to have more and more

• You have no joy or happiness

• Feel as though pieces of you are missing

• You look for peace and understanding

• Feel resolution within yourself

• Feel desire to be elsewhere

• Feel incomplete

• You need a relationship to be whole

• Feel material things are the answer to everything

• Feel you have lost your connection to what matters

• Feel uneasy about your death or loss


Tree Essence           $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• You have changed and don't understand it

• Have unexplained fears

• Your personality may change like a switch

• Have experienced a trauma and do not feel yourself

• An unexplained illness with no diagnosis or cause

• Find yourself involved in things that normal

• Feel controlled or out of control

• Have unexplained dreams or nightmares

• Feel you don't belong in this world'

• Do things that you normally would not do

• Feel as though you are different people


Tree Essence           $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• You do not know your soul's purpose

• Feel as though you go from one thing to another

• Feel you have no desire to do anything more

• Feel everything and everybody is in your way

• Do not feel a connection to self

• Do not feel a connection to spirit

Have visions but don't know how to interpret them

• Have lost sight of your truth

• Feel you don't belong

• Feel as though you are not worthy

• Feel you continue to look for a purpose

• Do not know what your passion is

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