Practitioner's Course

Practitioners Class 2020-2021


I have devoted my life to helping people become well and stay well naturally.  Now I want to devote the remainder of my life helping you to learn all that I know in how to do this and for you to continue the legacy. 


So please only consider this course if it is a true passion of yours and are willing to be committed to the time in class it takes as I am committed to be in the class teaching you.


You will learn the following:


1.Level I - Iridology Physical and Emotional - 3 days

2.Level ll - Tree Essences and Herbology which includes how the body physiology works with herbs and Tree Essences to bring emotional healing as well. We will also incorporate discussion on Homeopathy, Essential Oil, and different ways to test such as blood work, hair analysis, Thermograms and more -  14 days 

3.Being in business as a Natural Health Practitioner. 1 day


Total of 18 days or 126 hours.


This class will be Saturday and Sunday the second full weekend of each month starting in September of 2020 and going until May of 2021. Each Saturday and Sunday the class starts at 9:00 and ends at 4:00 and the cost is $300.00 per weekend. Payment can be made at each class. I cannot go back should you miss a class. So it is important that you be committed. You must be signed up and attend September class to start. The class will then be closed and no one else can attend the class. You must attend 90% or miss not more than 2 days in the 9 months in order to obtain your certification.


After 9 months:    Options to further your studies.


1.With your level I certification completed you may continue on to complete Level II should you decide you want to have Iridology as part of your practice and be tested and certified by the International Iridology Practitioner Association (IIPA). – 3 days

2.Should you want to do Tree Essence Therapy work then Level II will be needed for certification. I am the founder of the Tree Essences. – 2 days

3.Level II Herbology is about how to analyize root cause and find the herbs and Tree Essences that work and coach your client to health. I will be sharing case studies. 2 - days 



Those who choose to become Practitioners and want to complete Level Il certification in Iridology, Herbology, or Tree Essences I will offer these in the summer of 2021 for your convenience. 



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