Skin Support

Skin Support


4oz. bottle

Pau d' Arco - Anti-candidal, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous

Cat's Claw - Immune stimulant, anti-inflammatory, cellular protector, anti-cancerous, anti-ulcerous

Boldo - Liver & gallbladder bile stimulant, digestive stimulant, liver protector, expels worms

Sarsaparilla - Blood cleanser, immune modulator, cellular protector, detoxifier, tonic

Suma - Adaptogen, tonic, aphrodisiac, steroidal, immunostimulant

Bitter Melon - Hypoglycemic, lowers cholesterol, anti-bacterial, expels gas, bitter

Nettles - Anti-androgenic, blood cleanser, hormonal regulator, diuretic, hair growth promoter

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