Glandular/ Reproductive Support

Glandular/ Reproductive Support


4oz. bottle

Maca - Tonic, nutritive, fertility enhancer, endocrine function support, anti-fatigue.

Sarsaparilla - Blood cleamser, immune-modulator, cellular protector, detoxifier, tonic.

Abuta - Anti-spasmodic, reduces bleeding, muscle relaxant, uterine relaxant, lowers blood pressure.

Chuchuhuasi - Muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, menstrual stimulant, tonic.

Damiana - Aphrodisiac, anti-depressant, central nervous system depressant, anti- anxiety, tonic.

Suma - Adaptogen, tonic, aphrodisiac, steroidal, immunostimulant.

Muira Puama - Aphrodisiac, tonic, reduces nerve pain, anti-depressant, central nervous systemtonic.

Catuaba - Aphrodisiac, nervine, anti-anxiety,central nervous system tonic, anti-viral.

Nettle - Anti-androgenic, blood cleaner, hormonal regulator, diuretic, hair growth promoter.

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