Digestive/ Intestinal Support

Digestive/ Intestinal Support


4oz. bottle

Artichoke Leaf - Liver & gallbladder bile stimulant, liver protector, liver detoxifier, lowers cholesterol.

Carquejo Herb - Antacid, anti-ulcerous, digestive stimulant, detoxifier

Tayuya - Nervine, reduces nerve pain, anti-inflammatory, detoxifier

Boldo Leaf - Liver & gallbladder bile stimulant, digestive stimulant, liver protector, expels gas

Quassia - Anti-parasitic, digestive stimulant, bitter digestive aid, liver bile stimulant. prevents kidney stones

Cat's Claw Bark - Immune stimulant, anti-inflammatory, cellular protector, anti-cancerous, ant-ulcerous

Wormseed Herb - Anti-parasitic, expels worms, digestive stimulant, liver protector

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