$42.00 - 1 Qt. Spray Bottle

Natural Insect Spray for Animals is made of 10% Cedar Oil and 90% Silicic Fluid. This product is completely safe to spray on animals... AND PEOPLE too! Use on your household pets, or with farm animals such as cows, horses, sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas. This product kills flies, lice, ticks, fleas, mange, ear mites and bed bugs too. It is safe to use with pregnant animals. EPA & FDA Approved. This product is not to be ingested so please do not allow animals to lick the spray. This can be sprayed onto ears, but no inside of ears. Be careful not to spray directly into eyes, nose, or mouth.
$69.00 - 1 lb.
This blend of rainforest herbs is designed to enhance the overall health and immune system function of an animal to reduce pain and inflammation, parasites, and tumor growth.This formula can be used daily to keep your animals healthy or can be kept on hand for acute illnesses.
This herbal supplement contains these eight rainforest herbs... Cat's Claw, Chuchuhuasi, Jatoba, Chanca Piedra, Boldo, Nettle, Sangre de Drago and Stevia.
$10.00 - 1lb.

Diatomaceous earth is an all natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants and it is an all natural parasite control. The fossilized skeletal remains of these diatoms accumulate in layers on lake and sea floors form deposits. These deposits are dust-like and mined from freshwater sources for use with animals internally and externally.


Our DE is especially made in granulated form because powdered forms can sometimes cause choking in animals. Powdered DE is fine for animals to roll in to keep their hair or fiber clean and bugs and flies away. USE ONLY FOOD GRADE DE WHEN INGESTING.



My cat Kika had been sneezing for a few days and then my other cat Java also started to sneeze. In the past, the sneezing gets passed around to all three cats. So, I decided to put them all on Respiratory Essence. I put the essence in Kika’s food twice a day and also in their drinking water. The sneezing tapered off and within 2-3 days it stopped completely. Fortunately for Mocha, he never got his turn.


            J.L., Boston Heights, Ohio



I have 4 cats...a 14 yr old female (Puff) a 4 yr old male (Scooter) and a brother and sister 2 yr old pair named Soot and Cinder. Ever since I first got Puff at 5 weeks old she was a "scaredy" cat. Stayed in one room under the bed for the first 6 months I had her. Anytime someone came to the house she high tailed it back under the bed. I have never in 14 years been able to pick her up. Still can't, but she will come lay next to me on the coach and I can pet her most of the time. I have been having problems with Soot having become aggressive and stalking and jumping on all my others. So I started using Alicia's AnimalSynergy "Animal Rescue" 

formula. I have been putting 3 drops on everyone's food and the 11 drops in their water for about 10 days now. Well, lo and behold, Soot's aggressiveness has almost completely diminished. But even more astounding is that when a handy man came to replace my roof this past week, with all the stomping, hammering and dropping of the heavy bundles of shingles on the roof, my Puff sat there on the floor or on the couch next to me without even flinching at the noise... To me, that is truly a miracle!! I highly recommend if you're having any emotional issues with your "babies", whether they cats or dogs, it's well worth a try to help them with this formula. It really works!!

          Vicki ~ Waynesville, NC


Tree Essence

$25.00 - 1 oz. bottle

• Used for injuries, surgeries, wounds

• Stressful, quivering or shaking

• Whines, whimpers or cries for no reason

• Uncontrolled urinating

• Vomiting

• Traumas, moving or major changes

• Signs of fright, fear from unknown causes

• Trips of any kind in car, trains, airplanes

• Confinement in cages for transportation

• Fighting, barking, scratching, chewing

• Trips to vet or groomers

• Introduction of animals into home or territory


Tree Essence

$25.00 - 1 oz. bottle

• Rescue animals that have been abused

• Assaults from humans or other animals

• Depression

• Displays fear of any kind

• Pain, torture or animals experimentation

• Hiding

• Refusing to eat

• Whimpering, cowering

• Seams ok one minute, aggressive the next

• Neglect of any kind

• Sensitivity to indoor and outdoor environments

• Lack of vitality


Tree Essence

$25.00 - 1 oz. bottle

• Abandonment & separation

• Chronic long term debilitation

• Discomfort from chronic pain

• Fear of storms, loud noises

• Loss of animal partners

• Loss of human companions

• New born animals

• Animals that are dying

• Old age and body decline

• Separation from mother

• Weakness from long term illness