Lyme's Disease

Healing Story

Lyme's Disease

A man, age 50, came to visit me for a consultation. After giving him an iridology reading, it showed three body systems needing support: Urinary, Circulatory & Digestive. 

12-8-08, Client went to the emergency room with severe stomach and back pain and he was sent home with Vicodin. A couple of months later, back to the emergency room with muscle aches, pain, and fever. Blood work came back ok. Client was sent home with more Vicodin and told to call in a month if the pain did not get better.

A month later, the client went to an Arthritis Clinic with swelling in his left knee and right wrist. Blood work came back ok. Client was sent home with Prednisone. and told to call back in a month if the swelling was not better. Another month passed and he returned to the Arthritis Clinic with fever... Had blood work again and he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Acute Inflammation. He had stiff joints and weight loss and had went from 197 lbs. to 167 lbs. At this time he purchased a lift chair because he needed help to get up and down.

5-31-09. Client began an herbal and juice remedy protocol with Alicia Rocco, N.D. She felt it was Lyme Disease. She also used a hands on technique to pull swelling out of the joints.

6-12-09. Two weeks later, he is using crutches but can shower himself. He woke without pain, receiving back adjustments, Epson salt wraps, pain cream on elbows and knees, walked in the grass in his bare feel to reset his energy system. He had a fever 3 days in a row in the morning and it became lower and less during each day. A couple of weeks later, feeling good, still stiff but hardly any joint pain. He is noticing more flexibility in his joints, and is able to walk using crutches. By the end of the month he is gaining weight and is now back to 170 lbs. There is only swelling in the left knee and ankle.

During the next few weeks this client experienced episodes of restlessness, feeling frustrated, and had to continue to apply pain cream to sore muscles, knees and elbows from walking too much. Client is still gaining weight back. He continues the herbal protocol, as the swelling in his knees and ankles lessens.

By August 2009, he had a full recovery and still continued to take herbs for the next three months.

Between the emergency room and the Arthritis Clinic, he spent approx. $20,000 with no relief and a self-insured individual.

Using the herbal protocol this client spent $2,900 from May thru November.

Products Used for Lyme's Disease (Please keep in mind, each person is different, therefore different products my be needed depending on an individuals needs at the time)

Licorice Root - Liquid Concentrated Form

NATH Joint & Muscle Support Herbal Extract

Deep Heat Salve

NATH Digestive Intestinal Support Herbal Extract

NATH Nervous System Support Herbal Extract

NSP Silver Shield

NSP Lymph Drainage

NATH Urinary System Support Herbal Extract