My Kitty with Bladder Stones

Healing Story

The Natural Approach is not just for people…

Upon taking our family cat into the vet expecting to find she had a bacterial infection causing her symptoms of congestion in her nose, eye and blood in her urine.  After spending over $500 in tests, we learned that she had bladder stones.  “Impressive”, the vet said, “ten of them, most larger than marble size”.  He then informed us that it would cost over $1000 for surgery to remove them.   After having the heart wrenching discussion with my husband, we knew there was no way for us to afford surgery for our beloved cat of 11 years. 


I could not just give up on her so I reached out to Alicia Rocco. Knowing that she has nursed many animals on her Alpaca Farm and through her practice, I was hopeful. She was more than helpful, for a fraction of the cost, she recommended an herb of Hydrangea to break up the stones, urinary aid for the healing of the bladder, silver for the bacteria infection and for the loss of appetite, an essence.  That night before we began, I wrapped her tightly in a blanket, fearing we would lose her, and slept with her in my arms.  The next day, we got busy, giving her the herbs and essences as directed.  She began to slowly get better and within two weeks she was a bit thinner but back to her normal self. 


Thank you again Alicia for all you do.  You’re a miracle worker!