What Essences Should I Pick?

Do not use more than 3 essences at a time. So we have 3 lines to choose from. Should you pick one from each line or 3 from the same line or mix them up? You can do all of the above. I personally have always liked picking 1 from each line. One to help the body that fits for me from the Body Synergy line, one to help my emotions that fits for me from the Emotional Synergy line, and one for the goals I want to reach that fits for me from the Spiritual Synergy line.

FIRST read the booklet and put check marks beside the statements that best fit you. Now go back and see which ones stand out the most for where you are right now in your life.

SECOND take 1 dropper full of each essence in AM and 1 in PM. I put them on my bed stand that way I don't forget to take them each morning and night. I do it first and last thing. NOTE: I carry some of the essences with me such as Stress and Anxiety should I feel I need an essence to help during the day. You can carry any that you like but this one is always with me. 

THIRD make a small statement or sentence and write it down either in AM or PM to say how you feel that day. Do this each day and see how you relate to the changes in you. Remember they can be subtle or huge. It depends on your and what is happening in your life. 

NOTE: Working with essences is like peeling an onion. One layer at a time change comes and you begin to feel whole again, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

What Cautions Are There?

NONE! Essences are safe to use with any foods, medications or supplements.