Breast Cancer

Healing Story

Breast Cancer Healing Story


Note about Case Study: This client mentions the use of Cannabis Oil as part of the treatment plan. This product was not from her N.D., it was obtained by the patient through a medical prescription by her doctor.


2008 – I went to the doctor due to finding a lump. A lumpectomy was performed and the lump remained afterwards. After the lumpectomy, the breast became very lumpy.


September 2014 - The lump on the right breast becomes bigger. I went to the doctor and received a mammogram and ultrasound. I was diagnosed with Cancer of the Right Breast.  I was then sent to an appointment with a surgeon and they did a biopsy, bone scan, and CT scan. The doctors wanted to operate and remove the breast. At that time I decided I wanted to do “my thing” so I cancelled all my appointments and began to treat it myself naturally.






















January 2015 – I started taking Graviola and Venous Fly Trap. I did more research on cancer diets and I stopped eating all sugar.


February 2015 – I started Cannabis Oil and started taking 1 gram a day and I continued that for 4 months. I also started Kitty Fire on the skin (similar to anointing oil in the Bible). I also want to mention that I started doing Thermograms every 3 months starting in September of 2014. (no more mammograms)


March-April 2015. Continued on Graviola Cannabis oil, Kitty Fire, and Venous Fly Trap. In April I added Essiac Tea, Cypress and Vitamin D.


May 2015 – I added Serrapeptase, Apricot Seeds, and Degex a Detox.


June 2015 -  Had a Thermogram, and the Cancer had gotten worse. Started using Black Salve on June 15th and eating 1 T. of coconut oil three times a day.






















At the end of June, I stopped taking Graviola.


July 2015 – I lost my appetite and couldn’t eat. Took A-alanine and took it for 3 days and got my appetite back. In July, I also stopped the Essiac Tea because I read to only do it for 12 weeks. At the end of this month I also stopped Venus Fly Trap.


August 2015 – Stopped taking Degex and I added a mushroom mix in pill form for my immune system. I also added Zeolit spray under the tongue everyday.


September 2015 – The center of the tumor fell out. It left a hole 1 inch in diameter and 1 inch deep. It was still hard on both sides and the on the top and white in color. I continued using Black Salve to December but it was very painful. I added Aloe Vera so it was not so strong. Doing this mixture every 2-3 days in a row, then would stop for a week because it was so painful. I started taking Tumeric, 5 capsules a day.





















October 2015 – I stopped the mushroom mix. I added iodine, 2 drops a day for a week and then 3, then 4 then 7 then 8 by the end of October. I used Himalayan salt or Sea salt and put the iodine drops in it. Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Magnesium and Selenium were added to my regimen. Mid October I added Activated Charcoal for toxin absorption. October 20th I took DDR oils. I mixed coconut oil and drank 8 drops a day. I also took an OnGuard Pill. By October 29th, the bottom of the wound was turning pink.


November / December 2015 – A lot of leaking of “white stuff” from the wound. I mixed turmeric with coconut oil, packed and filled the hole and changed the bandages. At this time, I started K2 along with D3.






















December 2015 – I stopped the iodine due to hair falling out concern. At the end of the month I began juicing. I stopped the black salve because I couldn’t stand it anymore.























January 2016 – I did a parasite cleanse for 10 days. I also added Bloodroot pills.


January 14th, 2016 – I had bad bleeding and I couldn’t get it stopped. I laid on my back for 4 days. The gauze stuck on the skin and I couldn’t get it off so I used coconut oil to get it off and a big clot come out on the 17th.


January 17th, 2016 – I started the Cannabis oil again, 1 gram a day. At the end of the month I stopped Zeolit.


March 1st, 2016 – I took an antifungal because I got something on my head. The doctor called it “ringworm”. The breast started smelling. The doctor gave me an anti-fungal and an antibiotic.


March 3rd, 2016 – I saw a wound care specialist and he said he had only seen this in third world countries and that I should go home and get my affairs in order. He sent me to a surgeon the same day.


March 4th 2016 – I started back on the Essiac tea again for 12 weeks.


March 16th, 2016 – I saw a surgeon and he said he would do it but I couldn’t decide. He wanted to start chemo and shrink it so they could operate. I did not follow through with the surgeon and he sent a certified letter to me stating I would die if I didn’t listen to him and do as he said. I left from there to go to a health food store and I met a naturopathic doctor.


March 18th, 2016. I started Sangre de Drago, Immune Support and Nervous Extract.


March 21st , 2016 – Another bad bleed.


March 29th, 2016 – I started taking Double Helix Water® and C.T.R. Syrup.


April 17th, 2016 – I added Gumby Gumbies from Australia, 2 a day to 14 a day.


June, 2016 – I weaned off of Gumby Gumbies and stopped altogether right before surgery. More lumps began showing up. In June I also did a gallbladder flush. From April-June I continued taking the herbs I started on March 18th, and continued Cannibas oil, Gumby Bumbies and Essiac Tea.

In June of 2016, my ND told me that it was time to have the surgery. I stopped all natural products 5 days before the surgery. The surgery was very successful and I felt good!

























July 2016 – After surgery; I started back on some ND products and continued Cannibas oil for pain. I also continued using the Double Helix Water® for maintenance.


July 18th, 2016 – Followed up with doctor and he said surgery was good and removed the medicated gauze.


July 26th, 2016 – I saw the oncologist and he wanted to do Chemo. I had a CT scan done. It showed that I was anemic so I was told to go on iron. I went back to the ND for iron and stayed on maintenance dose of Cannibas oil, 1 gram for a month.


August 31st, 2016 – CT scans head, neck, stomach, and pelvic and said pulmonary nodules. She wanted to do Chemo but through my own research pulmonary nodules are not uncommon. If it was cancer they will grow. Those same nodules have not changed fro 2014-2016.


December 2016 – I continue a Natural Health program for preventative care.

Here are the pictures from my last thermogram.

September 2014 Lump
June 2015 - Added Black Salve
September 2015 - Tumor fell out
November 2015
Fresh hole, January 2016
June 2016 - Before surgery
July 2016 - After surgery
Thermogram pictures December 2016