Natural Approach To Health, How To Use Herbs and Tree Essences by Alicia Rocco, N.D. -- Alicia calls this book a "consultation" without having to see her. She explains how the body systems work, and if one is unbalanced, how it affects everything else. Written for practitioners as well as the person at home that wants to use herbs and essences for themselves. 8.5w x 11h, 177 pgs. $35.00

Alicia Rocco, N.D.


How To Use Herbs and Tree Essences With Your Animals. This book is a collection of natural remedies to help pet and livestock owners treat their animals naturally. The book features several short stories throughout the book that serve as examples to show how these remedies were administered in real situations so you can do the same. $14.95

Alicia Rocco, N.D.


HOW TO FIX YOUR ARTHRITIS by Alicia Rocco, N.D. -- This book is a self-help guide to fixing yourself naturally.  Alicia discusses diet, herbs, and essences for arthritis and current products that she uses in her practice for her clients. 5.5w x 8.5h, 32 pages. $6.95



Created by Alicia Rocco, is a double sided chart and can be used with the Emotional Synergy Tree Essences. Side one is the Iris markings indicating the "energy-in-motion". Side two lists many of the emotionals associated with each system of the body. Full color chart is 11w x 8.5h, laminated. $20.00



JOURNEY TO HEALING MEDITATION CD. Alicia Rocco, N.D. takes the listener on a walk to healing garden with music written by Barbara Ashbury and performed on the hammer dulcimer. The first track of the CD is 25 minutes long and is the guided meditation. The next 5 tracks of the CD contain the music only, so the listener can continue to meditate to the music, or can do their own meditation. CD $15.00

Songs Include: Journey To Healing Meditation with Alicia Rocco, N.D. - 25 min., Gift From Above, Heart Song, Largo, Beyond Time, Gift From Above (reprise).

Listen to "Gift From Above" from the Journey to Healing CD


SNOWFLAKES IN THE MOONLIGHT by Barbara Ashbury. This solo harp CD by Barbara Ashbury is a recording of original music that is very soothing and relaxing to the listener and just what everyone needs for the holidays. This CD combines relaxing songs of the holiday season with three original compositions. Tracks include: Angels We Have Heard On High,   -- CD $15.00

Songs Include: The First Noel, Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella, Pachelbel's Canon, In The Bleak Midwinter, Angels We Have Heard On High, Snowflakes In The Moonlight, Greensleeves, The Snow Lay On The Ground, Saint Basil's Hymn, Home Within Your Heart, Sussex Carol, The Winter Moon Shone Cold And Clear, Away In The Manger, Still, Still, Still and Silent Night.

Listen to "The First Noel" from the Snowflakes CD 

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