This line of essences are used to release emotional feelings that can affect the state of an animal's health or behaviors.




My cat Kika had been sneezing for a few days and then my other cat Java also started to sneeze. In the past, the sneezing gets passed around to all three cats. So, I decided to put them all on Respiratory Essence. I put the essence in Kika’s food twice a day and also in their drinking water. The sneezing tapered off and within 2-3 days it stopped completely. Fortunately for Mocha, he never got his turn.

            J.L., Boston Heights, Ohio

Animal Rescue

Tree Essence                  $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• Used for injuries, surgeries, wounds

• Stressful, quivering or shaking

• Whines, whimpers or cries for no reason

• Uncontrolled urinating

• Vomiting

• Traumas, moving or major changes

• Signs of fright, fear from unknown causes

• Trips of any kind in car, trains, airplanes

• Confinement in cages for transportation

• Fighting, barking, scratching, chewing

• Trips to vet or groomers

• Introduction of animals into home or territory

Animal Restore

Tree Essence                  $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• Rescue animals that have been abused

• Assaults from humans or other animals

• Depression

• Displays fear of any kind

• Pain, torture or animals experimentation

• Hiding

• Refusing to eat

• Whimpering, cowering

• Seams ok one minute, aggressive the next

• Neglect of any kind

• Sensitivity to indoor and outdoor environments

• Lack of vitality

Animal Comfort

Tree Essence                  $25.00 - 1oz. bottle

• Abandonment & separation

• Chronic long term debilitation

• Discomfort from chronic pain

• Fear of storms, loud noises

• Loss of animal partners

• Loss of human companions

• New born animals

• Animals that are dying

• Old age and body decline

• Separation from mother

• Weakness from long term illness

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