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Natural Approach To Health, How To Use Herbs and Tree Essences With Your Animals, by Alicia Rocco, N.D.




New Book Shows How To Use Herbs and Tree Essences With Your Pets and/or Livestock.


Natural Approach To Health Publications released its fourth book this year, “Natural Approach To Health, How To Use Herbs And Essences With Your Animals,” by Alicia Rocco, N.D.


RELEASE DATE: September 9, 2015

LOCATION: Minerva, Ohio


Natural Approach To Health Publications has just released its fourth book by author Alicia Rocco, N.D. This book is a guidebook of natural remedies to help pet and livestock owners treat their animals naturally. The book features several short stories throughout the book that serve as examples to show how these remedies were administered in real situations so you can do the same with your animals.


Alicia started treating animals in her natural health practice as her clients began bringing their animals to her. She learned that many of the same remedies we use as humans also work well for the animals. She became an alpaca farm owner in 2006. She decided since she treats herself with natural remedies she was going to do the same with the animals on the farm. She studied what wild alpacas eat in the mountains of Peru, and uses many herbs from that region of the world as well as rainforest herbs in the Complete Herbal Immune Supplement for Animals that she created for animals. Additional information about this product is available on her website:


This book features stories about her longtime pets, the pets of her clients, and her many alpacas. Some of the short story titles include: Emmie with Mastitis, A Cat with Diabetes, Rocky and His Hurt Paw, and Cotton and his Essences. All of the stories in the book are true real case scenarios that tell how Alicia treated these animals with natural remedies. She also explains the systems of the body and explains why she uses the Body System Approach to maintain good health with the animals. Alicia also explains how the emotions or “energy-in-motion” of an animal can affect the health of an animal. Alicia has created a line of tree essences specifically for animals and specific animal behaviors.


Alicia Rocco, N.D. began her natural health practice over 40 years ago out of necessity to save her life. She was sent home from the hospital “to die” after the doctors did all they could. She began searching for ways to heal herself, and as she got well using herbs and natural remedies, others came to her wanting to know how she did it. Alicia is a Board Certified Natural Health Practitioner, IIPA Certified Iridologist, and has created and designed a line of Rainforest Herbal Extracts and Tree Essences at Natural Approach To Health. If that doesn’t keep her busy enough she owns and runs the Alpaca Spring Valley alpaca farm in Minerva, Ohio.


Alicia Rocco is available to speak on many natural health topics and how to raise alpacas naturally. Please contact her at her business, The Natural Approach Farm Store to schedule her to speak for your organization. 330-868-5353.


Natural Approach To Health, How To Use Herbs And Tree Essences With Your Animals is available for purchase, both Paperback and download at:


Book Specs:

Publish Date: September 9, 2015

Publisher: Natural Approach To Health

ISBN: 978-1-633-18946-1

Price: $14.95

Pages: 100

Cover: Paperback

Trim Size: 5.5x8.5



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Alicia Rocco, N.D.

3944 Whitacre Ave. SE • Minerva, Ohio 44657

Phone: 330-868-5353