Interview With Alicia Rocco, N.D.

Author of Natural Approach To Health,

How To Use Herbs And Essences With Your Animals.

Interview by Barbara Ashbury

I had the opportunity to sit down a few minutes with Alicia to ask her some questions about her new book NATURAL APPROACH TO HEALTH, HOW TO USE HERBS AND TREE ESSENCES WITH YOUR ANIMALS.


Q: Alicia, why did you decide to write this book?

AR: As a natural health practitioner many people have come to see me over the years for health consultations and invariably they would ask me questions about their pets or livestock. I started my alpaca farm in 2006, and decided to make it an "all natural" alpaca farm. Using herbs and tree essences with my pets as well as my livestock, I have seen wonderful results. This is why I decided to write this book, it was time to start sharing my recipes so any person could have this knowledge to help their animals.


Q: What kind of research did you do for this book? 

AR: My research consists over 40 years experience as a natural health practitioner and using these remedies in the book on my own animals as well as the animals of clients, friends, and neighbors. I found that most of the herbs I use for my clients also works with the animals. 


Q: How did you become interested in the subject matter of this book? 

AR: Actually I started an alpaca farm called "Alpaca Spring Valley Farm" and had to research herbs from the rainforest to use with the alpacas and I discovered a whole new world of healing.


Q: I see an alpaca, a dog, a cat, and a llama on the cover. Is this book helpful for someone that owns other animal species? 

AR: Yes, I have a story in there about a goat I helped with mastitis. I believe we can help any animal but you need to know the background of an animal before deciding on what herbs you can use.


Q: Who did you write this book for? 

AR: Anyone who loves animals like I do and would like to explore natural remedies to treat their animals.


Q: Can you tell me about the Tree Essence line for animals mentioned in the book? 

AR: This is a product line I created for emotional healing for both people and animals. I have 12 essence blends that I created specifically for animals. The tree essences follow the same protocol that Dr. Bach, MD created in the early 1900’s using flowers to make essences.


Q: What other products have your designed and created for animals? 

AR: We have an ALL NATURAL INSECT SPRAY for flies, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, to use externally on animals. I have a specially made GRANULATED DIATOMACEOUS EARTH which is an all-natural parasite control for pets and livestock. I also created and designed an immune supplement formula: COMPLETE HERBAL IMMUNE SUPPLEMENT FOR ANIMALS using rainforest herbs I use with all the animals for preventative care or for acute illnesses or injuries.


Q: What is going to be your next book? 

I am working on the second book in my new "HOW TO" series which will be titled: How To Fix Your Diabetes. Earlier this year I released the first book in this series called: How To Fix Your Arthritis which is available on my website: