Alicia Rocco

Alicia Rocco, N.D.

Creator and Designer of Natural Approach To Health Tree Essences and Rainforest Herbal Extracts infused with Tree Essences

Dogwood Tree

How Were The Herbal Extracts infused with Tree Essences Created?

My name is Alicia Rocco, and I am a naturopathic doctor. Early in my life, I had a serious illness, which led me in the search for herbs to heal myself. I have spent over 40 years learning and teaching all I know about these wonderful herbs to help bring healing to the world. I call using herbs using “nature’s pharmacy”. I have extensive knowledge about Western herbs, Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic herbs and Rainforest herbs. Since my grandmother was a Native American, and was a medicine woman in her tribe, I tend to use more of the Western and Rainforest herbs in the extracts I have created. Grandmother taught me that there was more to healing than simply taking an herb. She taught that “dis-ease” in a person begins in the spirit and creates itself by the “energy-in-motion”. With this knowledge I also searched for years as to what to use for the “energy-in-motion” which led me to the tree essences.


I am not a herbalist who grows herbs or goes into the woods and finds herbs but a practitioner that has spent my life learning how the body works and how to use the herbs. Twenty years ago I said people would be using natural health products and medicine and they will need to be seeing their medical doctor as well as their naturopathic doctor. Today much of the problem is doctors have not been educated about herbs and not all naturopaths know about medicine. 


When it all started medicine came from herbs, then herbs mixed with chemicals created patents and now many medicines are chemicals and no herbs. When it comes to mixing medicines and herbs that a client is taking you must know the properties of each because some herbs and medications cannot be mixed. An example of this would be someone taking a blood thinner medication and taking an herb that will thin the blood. This could create a problem for the client. Integrating medicine and herbs can be done but must be done by people trained and knowledgeable about both herbs and medications. This is why when I began to practice, I had to learn the properties of both herbs and medicine so I could care for my clients responsibly. 


As I began to develop these formulas, I realized many of the Native (Western) herbs and Rainforest herbs had multiple properties. Because they nourish multiple systems of the body, I found using these herbs worked well in the extracts I created because they are treating the “whole” body, not just a part. With the addition of the essences, these formulas support the “energy-in-motion” which is the beliefs associated with the dis-ease. So these formulas work on the “whole” person, the physical body and the emotions. 


The Natural Approach To Health line of herbal extracts infused with essences reduces the number of products a person needs to take because of the special blend of herbs used in each formula which support the “whole” body. This helps with the cost factor and can eliminate a table full of herbs and medicine. With the Natural Approach To Health line of products, my goal is to continue the process of helping people help themselves in the healing of their physical, emotional, and spiritual self.