Healing Story

God Sent An Angel...

After too many years of watching my son suffer from the many labels placed upon him; labels such as Anxiety Disorder, Depression, OCD, ADD and Bi-Polar, I thought there was not anyone who understood. I watched my son as a child and knew there was something special about his quietness, his sensitivity to sound and crowds and his beautiful strong soul whom always had to have the last word. I witnessed him having panic attacks about going to elementary school, the fear in his face, not knowing what was happening to him as his heart pounded out of his chest. I sought out a few psychiatrists with no prevail. Soon after he began getting migraines and lost a lot of time at school; he would stay in bed for days. As I went to a different kind of doctor, a neurologist, I again confided in them that I felt it was his severe anxiety, again they found nothing wrong and dismissed me. It wasn't long after I found out he had begun using marijuana to quiet his brain and as others appeared "high", my son appeared "normal". He began to experience other drugs to ease his mind from racing thoughts. In the tenth grade, he snapped. He could no longer control his "crazy brain". He couldn't make himself go back to school and he would literally try to bang his head to knock himself out to stop his brain from cycling. The school felt it was best he continued his education elsewhere, his team mates no longer came around and most of his friends lost interest in him. We found a great doctor we felt who seemed to understand. He tried everything to help my son find peace until he could figure out how to get him well... However, it included benzo diazopine to name one. My son depressed, lost and hopeless began abusing the drug. I won't even begin to tell you the hell we experienced over the next few years. After many blackouts and legal bouts, my son stopped the drug and knowing his addictive personality, he refused to take any more prescription drugs. After finishing his education in record time, he found himself at college. It wasn't long until he began drinking to be a part of the college scene, deal with his inabilities to study and escape his loneliness, learning once again he was not like most others. He once again began to blackout. He had found trouble time after time and was frightened that he had no memory of his actions. He began to feel he was a monster and defeated, he felt there was no hope for him.

It was by the grace of God that his psychiatrist threw him out of his office, knowing he would not take prescribed drugs, not knowing how else to help him, that is when we found Alicia Rocco.

As a mother, I must tell you she was the angel I had been praying to find for over 15 years. My son wanted to get help but knowing he could not find it the conventional way, he welcomed any insight she could give him. She meets with him and counsels him, giving him tree essences and herbal remedies to help his symptoms. Alicia never labeled him, she treated him as an individual, asking questions that lead her to know what he needed. Slowly they began, I can't tell you what it was like seeing my son with a new found hope after so many disappointments. 

After many months of consultations, I have watched him become the child I remembered. Alicia has not only helped him calm his symptoms but she also has helped him remember who he is. He is slowly regaining his self-esteem and the world has opened to him in every direction. He is back at college and has more direction to complete his dreams. He still has bad times but they are fewer and shorter episodes and he has, in his words, finally found a voice of reason.

How can you thank someone for giving your child his life back? How can you thank a stranger for caring enough to reach out and place a future in front of your child? I strongly recommend this amazing woman. I trust her with my life... and my child.