Alicia Rocco, N.D.    

Alicia Rocco, N.D., certified by the American Association of Integrative Medicine, is the driving force behind Natural Approach to Health, and is the Nutrition, Herb and Essence Practitioner / Educator. Alicia began her career of serving others while she was researching the natural health field to help in the healing of her own illness. After over 40 years of fulfilling practice, she wishes to semi-retire and pass on ownership of NATH to one of her very own students, Karen Tilley.

 Meet Karen Tilley, new owner of Natural Approach To Health 

    Karen Tilley, C.N.H.P.    

Natural Health Consultations  •  Iridology  •  Blood Analysis

Hair Analysis  •  Counseling  •  Herbal & Essence Protocol

Karen Tilley will be the new Certified Natural Health Practitioner and owner of NATH. She was trained personally by Alicia and with 30 years of experience in herbalism, she is ready to help others in an official capacity. Her passion for the field has lead her to years of personal study and private practice of wildcrafting, in addition to Alicia's more formal classes.

New to public practice, Karen will be mentored by Alicia during the twelve month transition period, and will be handling all consultations from now on.

Our Most Popular Products

These Rainforest Herbs are to help support your System.

Tree Essences are infused in these formulas to support the emotions.

Bone & Muscle Support

Herbal Extract

$52.00 - 4oz. bottle

Double Helix Water®

Recover faster, feel more energetic, feel younger, manage pain, feel better, think clearer, experience a new level of life, and live to your full potential! 

Circulatory Support

Herbal Extract

$52.00 - 4oz. bottle


Iridology • Health Protocol

Iridology is the practice and science of reading the iris, or colored part of the eye.These inherited structures have de-tailed fibers and pigmentation that re-flect information about our physical and emotional health. The sclera, or the white part of the eye, tells us what is happening in the body now, as far as congestion and inflammation that may be affecting the physical body.

Digestive/Intestinal Support

Herbal Extract

$52.00 - 4oz. bottle

Blood Analysis 

Our blood analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of looking at all of the data as “one whole unit”. This helps us to show how your organs and body systems are functioning together and this in turn has reflection of your overall health. Looking at the body as a whole instead of parts or pieces can provide insight to problems that can be otherwise overlooked or that may be causing or contributing to current conditions. We can order your blood test and do the analysis which gives you an 8 to 10 page report. E-mail us to order your bloodwork at

Glandular/Reproductive Support

Herbal Extract

$52.00 - 4oz. bottle

Immune Support

Herbal Extract

$52.00 - 4oz. bottle

Nervous System Support

Herbal Extract

$52.00 - 4oz. bottle

Respiratory System Support

Herbal Extract

$52.00 - 4oz. bottle

Skin System Support

Herbal Extract

$52.00 - 4oz. bottle

Urinary Support

Herbal Extract

$52.00 - 4oz. bottle


Hair Analysis

With a small sample of hair , a lab test will be done which will reflect mineral deficiencies or excess in the body tissues. Hair analysis is for anyone who is ill without explanation. It can recognize your  biochemical individuality. Conditions which may result from a mineral imbalance: Depression * Headaches * Arthritis * Hypoglycemia * Hypertension * Hyperactivity *Hair Loss * Anemia * Thyroid Imbalance * prostate Disorders * Digestive Disturbances * Diabetes * Muscular-Skeletal Disorders * Cardiovascular Disease * Skin Rashes * Emotional Problems * Allergies. Call NATH 330-868-5353 or E-mail for cost & more information to have your kit mailed to you. 


There are times when we just need someone to hear us. Alicia's goal is to listen closely to hear what the heart and soul is speaking. An illness will tell us how to heal itself when we listen heart to heart. Even though we share products that can assist the healing sometimes it is just the words between hearts that speak the way to heal.

New Hope Imaging - Thermal Imaging

Digital infrared thermal imaging (D.I.T.I.) is a totally non-invasive procedure of imaging pain and pathology used for early detection, intervention, and prevention of early dis-ease and dysfunction,  by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. It is unique in its capability to show physiological change and metabolic processes. Images take up to 30 minutes.


We use an encrypted software program; No radiation, Non-invasive, Painless; No contact with the body

We can scan the whole body, 1/2 body or a certain region (ex. hands, breasts, feet etc.); F.D.A registered

The digitized images are stored on a computer and sent electronically to a Board Certified Medical Doctor for interpretation and reporting. Scans will be offered at the Minerva office the third Wednesday of each month. Call for an appointment - (330-868-5353)

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